The most, truthful and spellbinding relationship book.... It's mind-blowingly insightful.


*     Do you ever feel like the one you want never seems to want you and the one you don't want is a pest?  Want to know why it is actually your behaviour that determines this outcome? Warning!  There's a critical relationship mistake made by 90% of women and scientifically it's

the No. 1 reason a man withdraws!

*     Want to know why clever women don't have to ask themselves, 'Why doesn't he understand me?' and 'How do I stop him from straying?'.

Find out how men's minds are hard-wired!

*     Want to know the five proven methods men use to manipulate and play mind games with women?

If you get this wrong he'll never respect you!

*     Did you know at some stage of their lives, 95% of women in relationships do the same thing over and over,

95% don't know how to change it and the other 5%

don't even know they are doing it? 

*     Are you searching for the truth? Do you want to know the truth about your relationships, even if it hurts?  

Because if you don't, return to your world of denial this book is not for you



Synopsis of,



Sex, intrigue, unpredictability and profound insights.

London, New York, Monte-Carlo.

Real circumstances, real characters, in real places.

It doesn't get more sincere than this.


JC Johnson's Woman vs. Womaniser is a unique and captivating relationship book.  His insightful advice to women, and ability to guide them through the male psyche whilst running a mental and visual sweep of their actions in past and present relationships combined with electrifying real events, sets this book apart from any other literature on relationships. Although the title may be perceived as a brag book of sexual encounters, it definitely is not.  Even if reading isn't your thing or you think you know everything about men...this book is full of surprises, aha moments, mysticism and shocking revelations, to full on belly laughter moments.


To say this book is an eye opener would be an understatement.


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 The average reader takes 72 hours to read this book and 24 hours to begin changing their life.

How long will it take you to take charge of your destiny?

BBC Worldwide - Broadcast Journalist Maria Maxwell

'Written in a unique style juxtaposing narrative with advice, JC Johnson navigates the reader through a roller coaster of events and emotions. Woman vs Womaniser expertly documents the mental metamorphosis of boy into man!'

FLAVOUR MAGAZINE - Founder Leonard W Foster

'The emotional journey I went on whilst reading this book confirmed one of many things for me. 

A book unlike any other, its genre categorisation is hard to specify. While it has a lot of advice to offer women in troubled relationships, this is by no means the only area that Johnson is able to share his wisdom.'

Two-Time Brit Award Winner, Three-Time Mobo Award winner & Mercury Music Award Winner - 'Ms Dynamite'



"Powerful, hilarious, heart-wrenching, enlightening, shockingly honest.... A must read!"



Int'l Award Winning Celebrity DJ, Face of 'Apple Bottoms', Model & Actress - Sassy Pandez

'I didn't leave my home for three days until I finished reading this book, absolutely entertaining and honest'

One-Third of the Double Platinum group Mis-Teeq - Su-Elize Nash

'Amazing, very compelling.  Such a realness about it, from beginning to end it kept me going.  I'm going to get all my sisters to read this.'

Aliens 3, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America, xXx Actor - William Bob Hope

"For those who have been tormented by relationships, this book will certainly be of real help".

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From the author


I'm frequently asked, how I found the courage to write this book.  The truth is that I didn't have much choice.  There came a point when life dished me up a set of harsh circumstances.  With nowhere to hide, I had to face myself, I realised I had a gift and that I had been using it selfishly.  When you have this kind of awakening, you feel guilty and want to make amends.  This book is a part of my restitution and my special gift to you.

They say the truth hurts and then it sets you free...... your liberation awaits.

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