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Woman vs Womaniser

Have you always wanted to find out the truth about the men you meet, date, love and hate?

JC Johnson could label himself a victim of his childhood or a product of his environment, but the truth is, he has an undeniable love for the female form and irresistible magnetic pull that draws women to him.

Like many things in life, we have a tendency to take advantage of the things we love and overly use them.

JC Johnson demonstrates this theory throughout his book as he opens up about his childhood and most inner thoughts relaying the events most significant in his life.  

Woman vs Womaniser depicts a very honest, thought provoking yet vital message specifically to women. From the book reviews, it has become a guiding light for females at all stages of their lives, as they form relationships and begin to balance their emotions, with gut instincts and what they can actually see.

You will be bold over by the authors writing style and raw honesty as he does not hold back in bringing you the naked truth about everything he has done.

The book however must not be mistaken for the typical guide to womanising, nor can it be described as a brag book of sexual encounters.  It supersedes the typical by focusing on the women and the power they are yet to identify they possess.

BBC Worldwide - Broadcast Journalist Maria Maxwell

'Written in a unique style juxtaposing narrative with advice, JC Johnson navigates the reader through a roller coaster of events and emotions. Woman vs Womaniser expertly documents the mental metamorphosis of boy into man!'

FLAVOUR MAGAZINE - Founder Leonard W Foster

'The emotional journey I went on whilst reading this book confirmed one of many things for me. 

A book unlike any other, its genre categorisation is hard to specify. While it has a lot of advice to offer women in troubled relationships, this is by no means the only area that Johnson is able to share his wisdom.'

Two-Time Brit Award Winner, Three-Time Mobo Award winner & Mercury Music Award Winner - 'Ms Dynamite'



"Powerful, hilarious, heart-wrenching, enlightening, shocking, honest.... A must read!"



Int'l Award Winning Celebrity DJ, Face of 'Apple Bottoms', Model & Actress - Sassy Pandez

'I didn't leave my home for three days until finished reading this book, absolutely entertaining and honest'

One-Third of the Double Platinum group Mis-Teeq - Su-Elize Nash

'Amazing, very compelling.  Such a realness about it, from beginning to end it kept me going.'

Aliens 3, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America, xXx Actor - William Bob Hope

"For those who have been tormented by relationships, this book will certainly be of real help".


From the author


It's a daunting thing to sit down and write a book.  I had to, it was my way of giving back all that I had taken from women.

I invite you to virtually take a walk with me as you read my book, taking in my experiences, insights, short comings and enlightened moments while my story becomes your tools to knowing how to overcome the many men like me who you may have already met or will encounter in the future.

This book was purposely written for you.


Enjoy and be enlightened.


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